Monday, February 11, 2013

The DIY Arduino

We have finished our DIY Arduino on a solderless breadboard, and are about to move it to a perfboard for adding additional project components. We wanted to share this stage of the project to make it easier for others to do the same.

Components needed (Parts List):

Atmel 328P with bootloader installed
16 mHz Crystal
Qty (2) 22 pF capacitors
Qty (1) 10k Resistor
Qty (1) Reset Switch
Qty (1) .1 uF Capacitor

Power Supply:
Qty (1) 7805 Voltage Regulator
Qty (2) 10 uF Capacitors
Qty (1) 150 Ohm Resistor
Qty (1) LED

Qty (1) FTDI / USB Adapter (just need the one for all additional projects, not one for each project)

** A quick note on the Arduino Revised USB FTDI **

Use RTS, not DTR for the auto reset, and opposite to convention, RX on the FTDI connects to RX on the Atmel, and TX to TX!